Amazing Women — Temple Grandin, Professor of Animal Science

HH:  An autistic woman in animal husbandry in Arizona.  

She’s an odd duck and she knows it and she made it work for her.  WTG.

The Belgian Blue - 

If you never seen a Belgian Blue, it appearance may blow your mind. the Beligan Blue is a breed of cattle originally from belgium. The Belgian Blue has  sculpted, heavily muscled appearance. The reason of such Extreme muscle development is not the result of genetic modification but a mutation in one of the breed’s genes which products what is known as double-muscling.


Code of the West - This story is the history of the American way. Thanks to acclaimed cowboy photographer David Stoecklein’s appreciation and unique gift of photography, the “Code Of The West” will carry on for generations to come. No matter what type of work you do, if you take pride in your work ethic, you will enjoy this video.”

HH:  That was bitter-sweet.  Made me nostalgic for something that barely exists anymore.