Flying Reptiles?  Peanut/crocodile-head Bug (Latin Fulgora laternaria) –

Large tropical species of insects in the family Fulgoridae of the order Homoptera. Recognizable by the convex shape of the head, and can grow up to three inches (8 cm) in length. This bump on the head resembles the head of reptiles with false eyes, and to others it look`s like a peanut. Hence the alternative name – for example, alligator bug (beetle-alligator). They have many local names, eg, machacaor, jequitiranaboia.

From a distance, an alligator-beetle may well be mistaken for a real reptile, it scares the various of small predators. Exact function also have two bright false “eyes” on the wings, similar to the eyes of large predators. In addition, if these don’t scare away predators, the bug releases a skunk-like spray from her wings.

There is a myth that if someone is bitten by machaca, that person must have sex within 24 hours, otherwise the death awaits them. In fact, the insect is harmless to humans unless you eat it, because of the poisonous wings.

(HH:  Wonder who made up that myth - surely it was someone that wasn’t getting any.)