The Living Goddess

Nepal’s Kumari (living goddess) Samita Bajracharya, aged 10, sits on her traditional religious chair while waiting for devotees at the Buddhist monastery Ratnakar Bihar in Lalitpur, Nepal, on August 3, 2012, before the beginning of a procession held as part of the Gai Jatra (cow festival) which is dedicated to family members who have passed away recently.  

  • The Kumari is often confined to her home, but there are some days when she is allowed to appear in front of the public. Yet she has to be carried from her from home to the events, never allowing her feet to touch the ground as this is considered unlucky. Devotees take her blessing by offering flowers, money and touching her feet. Everyone from businessmen starting new ventures, students preparing for a big exam, to people just hoping to find strength and improve ailing health visit the Kumari at Kumari Ghar for blessings.

Narendra Shrestha / EPA