Round-up Ready Crops - Monsanto - article from the Dharma Forest

Roundup (herbicide)
Have you heard of Roundup-ready crops? No? Let me explain. Monsanto, the big American Agribusiness company, has created genetically-modified seeds in the laboratory, splicing in to them poisonous herbicides in small doses. By adding herbicide to the corn, soybean and cotton seeds, the idea is that when they sprout and grow, a clever farmer can spray as much Roundup (tm) a very poisonous herbicide, sold by the same company that makes the seeds, and kill every weed that might grow on the farm, so that neat and tidy, all that survives are the plants that he wants, the plants that already have a tolerance for Roundup (tm) engineered right in. Pretty smart, isn’t it? A great business plan. Just pair the genetically modified seeds with the right poison spray and you save some money and increase the profits to the shareholders. 

What happens to the environment when you spray so much Roundup (tm) with its deadly toxins all over the place? Well, the short answer is, nobody really knows, because trials were insufficient to assess long-term consequences. Certainly the researchers that Monsanto hired to test and report found no immediate danger, and said said “it seems okay to us.”